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You are attending the "7th Emergency Medicine and Family Medicine Congress" with the partners of emergency services and family physicians. The first congress was held in Batumi, Georgia, the second in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, the third in Kyrenia, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, the fourth in Budapest, Hungary, the sixth congress in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, and the seventh of Emergency Medicine. At the 7th Year Talent and Family Medicine Congress, we will share the latest news about Family and Family Medicine in Cyprus between 25-28 November 2021.

Congress, Department of Emergency Medicine Turkey, Urfa Health Sciences University and Trabzon is supported by the Administration of Family Physicians. Congress of Turkey, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Ukraine, Georgia, Hungary, Spain, examining doctor from Belgrade Azerbaijan

With the help of our Emergency and Family Medicine experts, you will be able to share your experiences and experiences with family members as soon as possible. However, about a congressional hearing in family physicians, many members of the Republic of Turkey, he said he wanted to see Northern Cyprus and the Turkish Republic, the services that you want to see.

All of you, emergency physicians and family physicians will be the only person to meet, 25 - 28 November 2021 will be the seventh year in Cyprus.

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